Category Topics

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

This is the category for everything tech related, including both our iOS and Android apps as well as our website and publishing tools. If there’s a new feature you’d love us to build, let us know. If somebody else has requested a feature that you’d use, favourite their post. You can also post bug reports here, but if you spot something we should fix straight away, please email us at for anything

Promoting and Selling VoiceMap Tours

This category is for discussions about how to distribute, promote, sell and profit from your VoiceMap tours. It’s also an excellent place to collaborate with other publishers in your city or country, which can give you more leverage with press and reseller partnerships.

Publishing VoiceMap Tours

Do you have a question about putting a new VoiceMap tour together? Or a tip for other publishers, maybe? That’s what this is category is for, from deciding on what to include in your tour to mapping it out, writing the script, recording the audio and then nailing down the final touches. (But you’ll also find all of the basics covered in our documentation, which is better place to start if you’re new to this.)

Destination Requests

This category is for destination requests. If you want to tour in a specific region or city – or even a tour of a specific neighbourhood or attraction – let us know. Please include both the destination and the country in the title.