2 locations very near each other - triggering early

Hoping someone could suggest a way to ensure that locations trigger in the proper sequence when 2 locations - in opposite directions - are very close to each other. Example: when the outbound route (North) and inbound route (south) are on a narrow road.

Could the “Bearing” and “Exit” feature affect this in a possitive way? See: Using bearing in locations » VoiceMap Tour Publisher Documentation

For the northbound location, could setting a bearing to “0” help? Likewise for setting the southbound location to “180”? Note: “You would add in bearing if you only want the listener to trigger a location in one particular direction.”

Please see attached screen shot.

Thanks in advance…

This got stuck in the moderation queue @paul, probably because you’re still new to the forum and you included an image. In the meantime, @gary replied to you by email.

Yes, bearing is one solution to this issue – and following the steps in the docs should do the trick. Let us know how your test goes.