Ability to duplicate a tour

if you have this feature then I cannot find it in your help or forum. I would like to be able to duplicate a tour so that I can try some things to test such as rerouting. For example, as I am putting my tour together I noticed that I need to remove a stop and all of the directions to and fro. However, this also means that I have to modify the route which I understand can only be done by deleting a dot at a time. There must be a couple hundred dots I now need to delete to fix my route. If I could duplicate the tour and keep the locations but reimport a new route that would be great and save me tons of time. If I import a new route into my existing tour it will delete the route totally and that also may cost me time verifying that it syncs with my locations.

Hi Rick

You can clone a tour. To do so, click on the dropdown where it says My Account and select Clone Tour. Give your cloned tour a slightly different name to ensure you know which is which and you’re good to go.

We use the Clone Tour option for translations but there are also other more unique use cases.