Adding images to locations in a new tour

Hi all

So, I am looking at adding images to a new tour and see that the image handling has changed a little from the instructions published here: Adding photos to tour locations » VoiceMap Tour Publisher Documentation

I see that the sizes remain the same but now we can add up to 5 images to each location? Is that correct?

Upload image(s) of 2048px by 2075px with a file size of less than 1MB (Max 5 images).

Whats confusing me a bit is the file sizes. My mobile takes a scenery at 4000px X 3000px and a portrait at 3000px X 4000px

Cropping the images to the 2048 X 2075 is then a bit complicated. (I use irfan view for my image editing).

But it is do-able :slight_smile:

Any other image advice is most welcome.

Hi Clive,

You’re correct. We do now offer the ability to upload five photos per location. This is something we need to update in the tutorial.

We use this file size because it’s the resolution for iPads, and works well for most devices. It’s hard to have a size that works perfectly for every device.

If you have any issues with cropping correctly, we’re happy to assist.



Hey Gary,

So, I set my phone camera aspect ratio to 1:1 which gives a square image more easier to crop to the sizes for Voicemap…

The problem with mobiles and their images is that most are set to a 3:4, 9:16 or even more so you take the image and then when you try to crop it down it cuts off a lot of the image losing what you wanted to show the user.

Seems to me better to take all images at the 1:1 ration for easier cropping later :slight_smile:

Off to test this theory on Monday with 47 locations comprising of turns, crossings, churches and monuments!

Have a great day!