Are you still in business

Hi, I’ve been working on a tour for a while. I’ve had a zoom meeting with Alicia, resubmitted my text and then heard nothing for a month.

We’re still in business @vpgillen! We’ve published two new tours in the last two days. You can see them on our home page.

I’ve looked at your WWI tour at Greenock Cemetery quickly. Is this the tour you’re referring to here? It looks like you’ve saved all of the locations but not submitted them. You need to click on the button that says Submit. It’s next to the “Save Location” button. When you do that, @alicia will get notified.

But I’ll also ask her to get in touch tomorrow morning. You’re also welcome to email her whenever you like.

Sorry for the mixup!

Hi @vpgillen I emailed you this morning and I emailed about 10 days ago checking in to see if you were ready for me to review the scripts. Please let me know if you didn’t receive them?

Hi @vpgillen. Definately still in business! A great tour about Granada published this week and also my tour for Ronda translated into both Spanish and German and published Today!

Maybe some mix up with emails going into spam is to blame… I forgot to hit the submit button when I first created my audio guide and didnt notice until a few days later… :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing your project!

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Thanks for stepping in here @clive! We obviously don’t like to give even the most casual impression that we’re out of business and I think the confusion here was more or less what you’ve described. We’re actually growing, with a Head of Marketing joining us in January to lead the implementation of an affiliate scheme, among other things. (I know you’re waiting for this.)