Auto resize images on upload

It makes no sense to precisely resize images BEFORE upload - since (I assume) that this is a responsive application; why not accept the image upload and then let the platform resize the images correctly to adjust for the user’s device.


Thanks for this @listfern. We’ve actually made changes to how we handle images recently, to allow for more than one image per location, and the text is incorrect. These are minimum dimensions – one for the image’s width and another for its height. You can upload images that are larger than 2048px by 2075px. You’ll still need to keep them under 1MB. I’ll get the text corrected.

We use large images so that they display well on iPad screens.

Regarding processing the images on the server, we do some of this, but it isn’t something we’ve spent a great deal of time improving. We’ll improve it at some stage, probably using an existing library, but we have a small team and I’m afraid this isn’t a focus for us right now.

If you’re finding it cumbersome, you could try free tools like this from Adobe.

Thanks for the update; will try that out

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Well… I forgot to mention the fact that you can’t upload an image width < 2048.

This is a big limitation in a workflow - that’s the point I was trying to make.

If we scaled up smaller images, they’d pixelate and look terrible on larger displays – like the iPad displays I mentioned. They’ve had a width of 2048px since 2012 when Apple introduced Retina screens.