B2B sales and affiliate marketing

We are having a lot of recent success with getting interest from local businesses, mostly hotels, in our tours for their clientele. The best approach in my mind is to have an affiliate relationship where we can do 1 of two things: either sell single use codes on our site using the Woocommerce plugin or use a discount model where we share a % of the revenue with coupons on their website. I have tried to work with our development team to achieve this but we ran into problems with delivering a downloadable link to a cell phone. Has anyone successfully created a similar affiliate model here on VM using Wordpress with Woocommerce plugin? Thanks.

Thanks for posting to the forum @jerry3061! I’ve moved this over to a different category because it doesn’t sound like a feature request that we can implement on voicemap.me or in our apps, but maybe I’ve misunderstood.

Can you explain what you mean by a “downloadable link”?

The tricky thing with any affiliate scheme is going to be tracking in-app purchases. These are processed by Apple or Google and unless a user already has VoiceMap, they have to go via the App Store or Google Play to install the app. We’re working on a solution for this that we’ll launch by summer next year. It’ll probably use something like branch.io.

In the meantime, vouchers are the best we can do. I’m happy to help you think through different ways of using these.

Thank you, Iain. I was hoping to use the Redemption Link on our Vouchers page to use as the WC download but this link may not be downloadable to a cell phone, only an email. Here’s how it looks on the backend of our site. screenshot-tourfreely.com-2022.11.22-11_30_15 - Nimbus Capture Any ideas here?

I’m not sure what you mean by downloadable to a cellphone vs downloadable to email. Can you clarify?

These links should work in any browser, regardless of device or app. The process looks like this:

  1. User clicks on voucher link and it opens up the tour on voicemap.me, but instead of seeing the price of the tour, they see Redeem.
  2. User clicks on Redeem and is prompted to sign in or create an account, after which the tour is added to their account.
  3. User installs VoiceMap app. (Once the tour has been added to their account, we strongly recommend installing the app to use the tour there, instead of in a browser.)
  4. User signs into app using the same account and they are then automatically prompted to download the tour they recently purchased.

One way around this, is for the business that you want to give commission to signs up to the GYG and Viator affiliate schemes… They could then place affiliate links from those dashboards on their websites thus getting commission on any sales through those platforms.

For ease of use for all my affiliate deployments across my websites I use the Travelpayouts platform. All the popular travel affiliates are available from just one dashboard.

Another way is you could create seperate accounts wihin your own travelpayouts accounts for each business, create the affiliate links and get the businesses to put the code on their websites. You could then pay them any revenue for sales… More info here: Travel Affiliate Network for Your Travel Traffic Monetization – Travelpayouts

Thanks, Clive. In the case of Viator, doesn’t that mean that the link I create for a Viator tour (VM) benefits Viator and VoiceMap while the hotel sends the client to VoiceMap for app and tour downloads? In that process flow, we become the “creator” or middle man affiliate but I envision us as the merchant (or brand) affiliate engaging with the B2B (hotel) as the middle man affiliate for the sale to their client (hotel guest) earning, say, 10%. In your description, we are the middle man affiliate earning 10% commission. Am I wrong here?

Hi Jerry,
I don’t know what deal you have with voicemap. I was happy to go with the 50 50 split which means if someone buys from GYG or Viator (via my affiliate links on my site) I get the half split from Voicemap (at a lower price as this includes the commission to GYG?) and the 6 percent (I think) that GYG shares with me. Of course, it waters down the commission as we are now splitting profits 3 ways instead of 2. But, it does give a way to share your sales with a ready made platform that sells products well and takes care of all the payments etc.

I have affiliate links to my tour on my promo page here: The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda - Ronda Today (They are really there to add another layer of sales options to my site visitors as Google is putting a lot of search weight on giving site visitors a choice in vendors for products in general.)

The last guide I sold from the GYG affiliate link was for 7.99$ and my commission on that was 0,64$ so my earnings on that with the 4$ 50 50 split should be 4.64$. (The travel payouts affiliate system doesn’t payout in Euros.)

Interesting topic!

Thank you, Clive, and you are right, we benefit from the Viator sale too and a small 10% commission is welcome. I am working with my dev team to see if we can implement the model where the hotel acts as the affiliate receiving a 10% commission for sending their guests to us as the merchant selling the codes we pay $0.89 for to VoiceMap. Will take an investment on our part but I will keep the forum posted on our progress. Your Ronda tours look great by the way!