Business Insurance

Would there be any type of business insurance I would need when selling these tours through VoiceMap?

Hi Mary Jane. Insurance isn’t a requirement for distributing your tours through VoiceMap. Our terms and conditions outline some important factors relating to indemnity and liability. Depending on your tour type and activities, some tour operators might need to consider local regulations for insurance requirements, but insurance is not a requirement for publishing tours on VoiceMap.

That’s interesting to know as I have a friend who runs a traditional tour guide led walking tour and he is applying for public liability insurance. But he runs his tour as a small business. Has anyone here from the UK have public liability insurance just in case? For example someone walks in front of a bus when distracted doing the tour? Are there any disclaimers for this so we don’t end up with someone trying to sue us? Just a thought.

Another interesting topic.

On the VoiceMap TandC page there isn’t a mention of the actual user of an audio guide. Its seems to be restricted to VM and the guide author?

When I downloaded the VoiceMap app, before I could do a tour I had to agree as a user the TandC’s but I didn’t see a link to actually read them?

Is there a link somewhere on the app that I can’t find with anything referring to the user of a guide and that they use it “at their own risk”? I can imagine someone tripping over on a cobbled pathway and blaming the guide for their accident.

Very good question. I’d imagine there’s some kind of disclaimer in the T and C but have never see it myself. Could anyone from VM please confirm? Thanks :slight_smile:

Every time users start a tour, whether virtually or on-location, they receive this prompt and must select “Continue” to acknowledge it and begin the tour. This language is from the Google Maps terms of service. It’s important to remember that we provide GPS-based tours and shouldn’t be compared to a traditional tour company when we think about liability, waivers, etc., just like a map producer isn’t responsible for accidents that happen while someone is looking at a map when crossing a road or, say, Google isn’t responsible for an accident that happens while someone is looking at Google Maps on their phone while crossing a road.

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Thank you, this certainly answers my question and is reassuring!

Great information!

Would it be an idea for that text to be included in the main TandC’s in the indemnity paragraphs?

Once a user has accepted (continued) there doesn’t seem to be a way for them to go back and read it again.

@clive the prompt is displayed the first time a user starts a tour. Each time they purchase a new tour and start, they’ll see the prompt again, so essentially this ‘acceptance’ becomes applicable to all tours a user purchases.

Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: