Call for indoor tours and tours about music

We’re looking for new tours that we can launch with a bang alongside two noteworthy updates to the VoiceMap app.

The first is a step-change improvement to our interface for indoor tours. Our focus so far has been on outdoor tours with GPS playback, because this was where our tools and team could add the most value initially. But as demand for VoiceMap tours has grown, this has evolved, and we now see an opportunity to add indoor tours alongside popular walks, drives and cycles.

The second update is an integration that brings Spotify and Apple Music playlists into the VoiceMap tour player. This lets you use any music you can think of, just about, without worrying about licences. Music from these playlists – which we’re calling Placelists – will automatically fade in and out around voice locations. Placelists open up a new category of tours that highlight the strong links music has to specific locations.

If you have an idea for a new indoor tour or a tour with a Placelist, let us know. We’re also interested in updates to existing tours that we can relaunch because they take advantage of these new features.