Comments on third party sellers (GYG, Viator etc)

Hi all,

My audio guide for Ronda has been selling a few copies from GYG and Viator and there are some comments on those platforms. Whilst most are 5 stars with good feedback a few raise issues of getting lost etc etc.

So I was wondering, is it a good idea to create accounts on these platforms and answer any comments or issues? I would guess that it would help sales to new customers if they see the audio guide author answering questions, saying thankyou or clearing up any issues?

This is the listing at GYG with 8 reviews:

However, as an afterthought, its Voicemap that added the tours to these sites but I do understand it would be impossible to answer reviews of all the tours in the Voicemap catalogue of audio guides…

Thanks for posting @clive.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to reply to reviews on GetYourGuide. They make that clear here.

We do respond to one, two and some three star reviews on Viator / Tripadvisor. When we do this, we’re mostly thinking about future customers and we try to help them understand why the review is unlikely to be an accurate reflection of what they can expect.

Oh wow, well I didn’t know that…

“At GetYourGuide we believe that the first-hand experience of our mutual customers is the best way to provide valuable feedback for our mutual business, this is why it is not possible to reply to reviews.”

So far I am lucky enough to have fairly good reviews but a few could do with further explanation… The person who complained that they got lost because they started the tour in reverse for example… or indeed the 1 star I got on voicemap with no text or explanation as to what went wrong… very odd that one :slight_smile:

The reviews are going to become increasingly important especially as I have more third party sales than in app or voicemap web sales…

Thanks for the info Iain… :slight_smile: