Dashboard statistics and traffic sources

Hi. My Voicemap tour for Ronda in Spain was published recently and I am starting to create content from my various websites and social networks for promotion etc. I am also adding targeted links from various relevant articles at rondatoday.com which of course is the root of tourist information for the town and of course the audio guide.

As a feature request in the dash board is there a possibility of adding a few stats such as traffic sources and purchase source. For example, I only found out by chance that the two sales of the guide last week were “in app” sales and not from traffic sent from my website or social media posts.

In my opinion, its quite important to see which campains are working well (or not) and from which website content, social networks or in app sales are made. Also if a sale is made from a QR code as I intend to place those physically in various hotels in Ronda. Is it possible to create a QR code in the dashboard with a marker, ie the name of the hotel in order to see which hotel is performing best?

Thanks for everything… It has been a real pleasure working with Alicia and Gary during the process of creating the Audio guide for Ronda.

Ahhh… I have located the basic stats in the dashboard that tells me if its web, in app, reseller etc… But Really I am talking about traffic stats from other sources such as my sites, QR etc