Deep linking – and a key building block for our affiliate scheme

We’ve introduced deep linking between VoiceMap on the web, at, and the VoiceMap iOS and Android apps.

Just tap on Open using the banner on the web and the app opens on the same screen – so the same city, the same tour, or the same publisher. Take this video for example: you’ll see London, our latest tour there Motoring Memories: A Walking Tour from Mayfair to St James, and its publisher Ian Grover.

These deeplinks also work if you don’t already have the VoiceMap app installed. You just have to go via the App Store or Google Play first. This is a basic, initial implementation of deep linking. We plan to do plenty more here. Scanning a QR codes might skip the web and take you straight to the app, for example. We’ll also use this tech for cross-platform revenue attribution, which is one of the key building blocks for our own affiliate scheme.