Download doesn't stay

Hello! I’m excited to use VoiceMap when I go to Italy next week. I purchased and downloaded a Rimini walking tour. But any time I close the app, that download goes away. When I log in later, it says ‘You recently purchased a tour, would you like to download it?’ I want to download it and keep it in my phone before I reach that day of travel. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Thanks for this message Sara. (Do I have your name right?)

It sounds to me like you’re logging out each time, before exiting the app. Is that correct? Can I ask why you’re doing this? If it’s because you’re worried about the app having access to your location, we only use this when you’re browsing tours, with the app open, or when you’re actually out on a tour, with audio playing – and it’s only in the latter situation that we access your location in the background, to play audio without you having to look at the screen.

When you sign out of the app, we anticipate somebody signing in again with a different account and so so we delete all the files you’ve downloaded with that first account. This is why you have to download the tour again each time. If you download the tour and then stay logged in, you won’t have this problem.

Enjoy the tour!

Thank you for the fast response, Iain. You have my name right, and after testing that, I see that you solved my problem too! Much appreciated.

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