This is just a rough idea: add some interactivity to the tour, such as a riddle you can solve by looking at your surroundings, which will then unlock extra information about the place. A little bit like Geocaching, I guess.

You could even introduce a point system, and if a user collects X points, she/he will get a tour voucher?

Thanks for this @kian.vm. This isn’t really a focus for us right now. I believe that to do it well we’d need to make it a central aspect of the user experience, not something bolted on some of the time.

The most persistent request we get from users isn’t more gamification or “choose your own adventure” choices built into routes. What we mostly hear is that they just want us to publish more tours in more places!

Thank you for your feedback, Iain.
I am actually working your your last point “more tours in more place” :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback, Iain.
I am actually working on your last point “more tours in more places” :slight_smile:

This type of gamification is similar to Geocaching, which has been very popular among users.

Furthermore, introducing a point system, where visitors collect points by solving the riddles and completing certain tasks, can be a fun and exciting way to incentivize visitors to explore more of the location and spend more time there. The points system can also be tied to rewards such as tour vouchers, discounts, or other prizes, which can encourage visitors to return and explore more.

To implement this type of interactive tour, you would need to design and create the riddles or puzzles, and integrate them with an app or mobile platform. You could also provide clues or hints to help visitors solve the puzzles, which would make the experience more enjoyable and accessible to a wider range of users.