General Q's from a new "tour"-ist

Hi, did our first tour in Milwaukee yesterday tho we are from Chicago. Cpl questions:

  1. Where do the downloaded files reside on my Samsung phone? I wanted to ensure they ended up on my SD card for mem capacity reasons. (This is assuming/hoping you can run a tour from the files if on an SD as opposed to in built-in memory on the phone, correct me if wrong). I could not find the files anywhere to move them, and assume they are cumulatively not small.
  2. Where is the visual version (non-real-time) of a tour located, so as to scan it before going or use it offline?
    Thx, Dave

Thanks for reaching out Dave.

To delete the tour off your device:

  1. In the VoiceMap app, tap Account
  2. Tap Downloaded
  3. Swipe the tour left to delete it

To listen to a tour virtually, tap the Virtual playback button. This disables GPS playback, so you can listen to the tour at home/virtually. Once a track finishes, the next track will automatically play.

To add to @gary’s answer to your second question @davedorsett, you’ll find script for the tours on our website. Once you own a tour, the buy button becomes a listen button and you can click through to every location and see it’s position on the map alongside the script.

I hope that helps!