Get Your Guide Removing audio guides from their platform

I must admit this is a bit of a blow for me as my Ronda audio guide sells the most via GYG. I understand sim cards and hire cars but audio guides too? What does VoiceMap think about this and have you made an appeal or anything directly to GYG? @iain @brent @alicia @lisa

GetYourGuide is removing several categories from its marketplace and has written to suppliers to inform them of the move.

In an email shared with PhocusWire, the company said the move is “part of ongoing efforts to optimize our platform and offering.”

The Germany-based company said that effective July 31, categories including self- or mobile-guided audio tours, exploration games and scavenger hunts as well as eSIMs and SIM cards are being removed. Vehicle rentals without an associated tour/activity or driver are also included.

Full article here: GetYourGuide removing tour categories from marketplace | PhocusWire?

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Yes, this is a blow @clive. @lisa has spent a good part of the last six months getting us from 200 or so tours on GYG to nearly 450, and there’s been a lot of work to optimise each listing.

I’ve appealed to some people high up at the company. We’ll let you know if they appear willing to make any exceptions, and for the time being you can assume that no news is good news.

I’m not optimistic about this. We’re small fry overall and my guess is that this comes down partly to the fact that audio tours are cheaper than other tours. While this might be good for the customer, it isn’t good for GYG, which spends a fortune on advertising to acquire each customer. If they buy a $15 tour instead of a $100 tour, GYG’s numbers don’t add up.

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I have my finger crossed that @brent will come up with a good result from the cruise company contact I gave him and Travelpayouts create the reseller affiliate system for Voicemap as that would put our products in touch with many thousands of travel bloggers

It seems to me that GYG made a mistake listing the esim cards and hire cars and our audio guides have been lumped into the clean up…

It still doesn’t make sense to me though that a product with 150 mostly positive reviews and labelled as a “Top Pick” is going to be deleted.

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I suppose this has something to do with this…

GetYourGuide, which has been trying to break into the U.S., scored a major partnership by securing a deal with Expedia.

This is from 2021 @clive. There’s lots of speculation about why they might have done this, but until GYG actually tell us, it’s all just that: speculation.

If you’re interested, you’ll find a range of theories in the comments on my LinkedIn post here.

This is not the end of the world. The experience is better when people purchase from us instead of the OTAs and it’s not like GYG are continuing to offer competitor’s products in Ronda. People who want to do a tour will have to look elsewhere, especially if they’re looking for a last-minute option.