Gift vouchers for VoiceMap tours

We often get asked if gift vouchers are available for VoiceMap tours and we’ve now made them easily accessible with a new page that lets you schedule the delivery of a PDF voucher with a personal message.

Our vouchers are a thoughtful, last-minute surprise for friends and family who delight in discovery, and can be used in over 200 destinations across the world — or at home, on virtual tours that work like podcasts or audio books. VoiceMap gift cards are valid for three, five, eight or twelve credits, with each credit redeeming a single tour. While the vouchers themselves need to be used within a year of the issue date, the credits don’t expire. This means that the recipient can use them now or to redeem a tour that has yet to be made.

I am thinking of packaging it up as a gift voucher for my tours in Edinburgh. As there will be three different itineraries, I will offer it for a price of three audio tours. I don’t think there will be too many of these sold so I probably just going to email out a set of three coupon codes to whoever buys it. Does that sound logical?


Hi Olga

You can sell the tours as a gift voucher bundle. I’d also suggest selling the tours individually for those who don’t want to purchase all the tours together. When emailing the coupon codes, be sure to include download instructions.

We’ve used the following instructions before:

This gift voucher is valid for xxxx tours.

Your voucher codes is: XMPL2564

To redeem your voucher, please follow these steps:

1. Install VoiceMap from the Apple App Store or Google Play
2. Create an account
3. Select Tour Codes from the menu, then select Enter Codes
4. Enter the code XMPL2564 then select Download Now

For technical support and other queries, please email

Keep well,


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