Introducing a map with the different tour routes

I am going to visit Tel Aviv and want to do a VoiceMap tour. There are four to chose from and I wish there was a way I could see where in the city they are and which one is closest to where we’ll be staying (as we don’t have a car the first two days and I don’t want to use public transport). When I travel I also use Komoot a lot, which offers tours without the audio. But you can click on your location and then it tells you which tours are nearby, I find this very useful!
This makes me think of my own tours in Berlin. There are lots of tours offered and it looks like people chose their tours by title and interest. But isn’t location an important factor also? So here is my suggestion: add a map with the different routes marked so that people can locate them easily. Would that make sense, what do you think?

There is already a map available if you visit the city page. Example: Self-guided audio tours in Tel Aviv, Israel » VoiceMap

You click on “map” and it throws you to the bottom of the page to show where each tour begins. I’m currently on desktop, but I’m sure mobile devices show something similar.

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Found it! Thank you!

Thank you for pointing this out @sfimporter!

It’s also in the app, but it might be a little too subtle there. In any destination list, there’s a map icon to the right of the query. If you tap on that, all the tours are displayed on a map.

Take Berlin for example. Here’s the icon:

And here’s the map: