Maybe a Feature Request to Have Optional Pauses/Gaps (As a Choice) Between Audio Clips in Virtual Playback Mode?


So hopefully this is just a small possible feature idea, hopefully just coming from a fairly new (and visually impaired/blind) user of VoiceMap, who is really enjoying (albeit maybe a little strangely!) currently reliving old memories, and exploring new places, mainly just listening to VoiceMap in the virtual playback mode?

And hopefully the idea is fairly simple in that?..

  1. I really like listening to tours in virtual mode and find them really immersive and generally like the content and quality.

  2. However, when just listening to the audio, I can sometimes find, because it immediately goes from one audio clip to the next, it can be a bit of a fast jump for me sometimes, especially if I’m not near the pause button, and I might appreciate an option to maybe, at certain times when I’m listening, to maybe have an automatic 10 seconds of silence etc inserted while I ‘virtually walk’ to the next waypoint, in a continuous listening session?

But anyway, I guess this is just an idea that I’m hoping might make some sense, and of course it might also already have been implemented, or could be taken with a bit of flexibility too. But maybe just hoping that it might be of some value if curious, and hopefully just with the many thanks again (from thankfully still a pretty happy listener in the Uk!),