New Version Released: Hello Kyoto! Version 11 is Here

This year brings a fresh release of new design elements, features, and functions on the VoiceMap app (for both iOS and Android) and the web. These enhancements make using VoiceMap more enjoyable. They also help maintain VoiceMap’s position as the market leader for self-guided audio tours.

Version 11 of the VoiceMap app, which we’ve dubbed Kyoto includes:

  • Wishlisting, so that you can bookmark tours when you’re planning a regional trip or working through what’s available close to home. Your wishlist syncs across devices, in the app or on the web, using your VoiceMap account.
  • An option to increase audio playback speeds by 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x. This is experimental, because we use Mapmaker to carefully match audio times with the travel times between locations, but runners in our community want to move 2x faster, and that only works if the audio is also 2x faster.
  • A redesigned library to help you sort between the tours you’ve wishlisted, or purchased, or downloaded so they’re ready to use offline.

You’ll notice that the publisher dashboard also got an upgrade. You’ll only need to visit this page to view all the information about your current tours, and now to create new ones too. Follow the three simple steps from step 1 to step 3 by entering the information about your next tour, then click the red button. This will take you straight to MapMaker to get started with your route and locations.

With this latest update, you’ll see that we’ve focused on the small and delightful elements that make searching for new places exciting. We’ve also made creating tours easier, all in the spirit of exploring more in 2024.

Take a moment to check out the release notes and a recent blog post here to discover what’s new in version 11 of the app:

We invite you to explore and discover all the newly released visual and functional changes in the app and the browser. Let us know your favorite features! (For me, it’s Wishlisting.) :heart: Share your comments below.