Pausing or stopping a tour

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Can we clarify the difference between pausing/resuming and stopping/resuming a tour?

On a test today I noticed that if I paused the tour and went off for a while I couldn’t find a button to resume (or play) and continue?

Like wise if I stop a tour to go into a museum or some other building, when I come out I have the option to resume and a few location options. I can play the location I previously heard or I can play the next location (but I am not at that location yet.)

This means I have to manually play the trigger when I see I am entering the trigger zone on the map because it doesn’t seem to trigger automatically.

I think this is an area where “pilot error” comes into play :slight_smile:

If its a resume after a stop then the person should just walk to the next trigger following the instructions from the previous location no?

I mean if I end with… “After you have visited the museum, just come back to this point and restart the tour”

Thanks for the feedback Clive. If you press pause and you want the tour to start playing again, you just press play in the same way you would in most apps – and on a CD player. You press pause then play then pause then play, etc.

When you resume, you can pick up exactly where you left off, down to the second, or you can choose from the three closest locations. If you choose the next location, then no, it won’t play again when you reach it because it’s already played once.

Here are some screenshots to help clarify:

This “modal” with info about pausing vs. resuming only shows once. When you play and then pause again, it looks like this:

Then if you end at this point and select Resume, you get this:

I’d welcome ideas for improvement that would be as versatile as what we have now, but bear in mind that we don’t know whether they are pausing for 5 seconds or an hour or a day. Each of these options has different utility in these very different situations. Sometimes you also need to resume a tour to go around a temporary obstacle that wasn’t there when the tour was published.

I think in many cases the feedback you get from pilot error on your Ronda tour is a result of you having a very complicated and ambitious route there, with users going past the same location 3 times in 3 different directions. We actually use it to teach new editors these days because it helps them wrap their heads around the complexity of these tours!

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I am totally awed that you are using my Ronda guide to help other editors! That is so cool :slight_smile: (Over 100 reviews on GYG must show its not that complicated though?)

So, in my case, I actually used the example in your last image and resumed from the next location. (I didnt use my current location because I had already listened to that before going into the museum.) When I entered the trigger zone for the next location the audio didnt start and I had to manually play the location. After that the triggers worked perfectly again.

You know, this may be an issue with my phone making it a pilot error because also I had to keep re centering my position on the map many times as my position icon kept running off the map and didn’t auto centre. (My phones screen freezes randomly.)

Added to that are some areas of low GPS which complicates Cádiz even more. But again, I think its my phone that´s the issue.

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