Possible to embed URLs or rich media?

Hi I’m a n00b and researching audio tour apps. The features of VoiceMap align well with what I’m thinking about.

I am curious if the VoiceMap platform allows one to embed links to other URLS such as to link to side-information for a nearby attraction or related websites, or to embed (or link to) a video or rich media such as an interview, 360° VR, to offer of coupons for local businesses, etc. - to have a rich offering without distracting from the tour itself.

Just curious what the platform supports.

Many Thanks!

Thanks for the question – and welcome to the forum!

For the time being, the only thing on your list that we offer out of the box is 360° VR video. This is because our focus is on people actually doing the tours, on the ground, where they are generally much better focusing on their surroundings instead of the screen. There’s often a lot going on around them and their attention spans tend to be short. We work with about three minutes of standing around as the limit of how much people can take in unless you do an amazing job of drawing them into the story – and also find them a comfortable seat.

When people are walking, they tend to be more engaged, partly because they’re also listening out for directions, but also because they’re get bored or distracted less easily.

The coupon offer is something we’d consider on a case-by-case and we do our best to be flexible. We also develop custom features for some publishers. If you’d like to tell us more about what you have in mind, so we can address your use case specifically, please send an email to hello@voicemap.me.