Pricing of tours across OTA's etc

So I see that evendo are selling tours from their white label site cheaper than can be bought at VoiceMap. (13.49 down from 14.99.)

Can someone give me a breakdown of sales prices across all of the OTA’s if the guide price at VoiceMap is 14.99?

I see GYG is at 14.99 and Viator as well so this evendo price at 1.5$ cheaper is a bit odd no?

I couldn’t find this with a quick search @clive, but it might be that Evendo has a hidden cost that gets added after checkout. This is whitelabelled Viator inventory, not a separate listing controlled by us, and I assume that Viator has restrictions on pricing. Or perhaps they’re offering a discount that comes out of their cut.

Viator doesn’t give us control or even visibility over how and where it whitelabels its inventory, so even if we were to monitor this continuously our only recourse would be to remove affected tours from Viator altogether.

Hi @iain I think you are right in that they are using a percentage of their cut to offer the discount. I suppose Viator don’t care that they are being undercut because it doesn’t affect their margins…

Its here: Andalucia's City Of Dreams: A Self-Guided Audio Tour of Ronda - Evendo

Interesting stuff! :slight_smile: