Promoting tours by other publishers in your region or country

The publisher of our new tour in Ronda, @clive, got in touch recently to say he and Alba Delgado are promoting each other’s tours. (Alba has published three tours in Seville, not far from Ronda – in one of my favourite parts of the world, Andalusia.)

They’re doing this through their respective websites, and Clive has gone one step further and added links to all the VoiceMap tours in Spain.

This makes a lot of sense. Network effects are at the heart of VoiceMap’s growth, and we’ve been building in ways that make the most of them since day one. They’re the reason why we believe it makes more sense to publish a VoiceMap tour than to offer a standalone tour through a whitelabelled app – or one of the reasons, anyway. There are others.

There’s plenty of evidence that they’re working too. There’s a publisher in the US who is seeing seven times more sales through VoiceMap than he ever did through his own app, for one, and most importantly there’s the continued growth in tour sales, which are roughly triple what they were in 2021 – and roughly ten times what they were in 2019.

What Clive and Alba are doing will only amplify these network effects, and we encourage you to co-operate with publishers in your region – or even publishers further afield, with tours that cover similar subjects to yours. Use this forum to reach out, either by posting a reply here or by starting a new thread, specific to a location or the types of collaboration you can offer. We’ll do our best to make sure other publishers see your posts!

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Thanks for the mention Iain!

For me, synergy has always been an important aspect of my websites… Linking freely to relevent information of a “competitor” does not have to be negative thing.

To be honest the page I created at Ronda Today for the audio guides in Spain is a bit lazy. (Though it does tick all of those SEO boxes). Most are linked to the voicemap page but they should also have links to the relevent website or blog… Anyone who reads this and has an audio guide in Spain only has to get in touch with me to add any text or images to the article… :slight_smile:

I am also looking into ways to get travel bloggers in general to promote our tours… There are many travel websites that beat Ronda Today hands down in search engines for various terms so why not get them working for us as well with affiliation.

I use a platform called travelpayouts which pretty much maintains my web income. Anyone in this system has access to affiliation with the big boys of travel such as booking, GYG TA, Viator ect so if an audio tour is listed at GYG for example, an affiliate link can easily be created for a blog… They promote you and get paid (I think GYG is at 8%)… Of course, you earn slightly less but you sell more copies?

Of course the next step would be the Voice map dedicated affiliate network (partnered with Travelpayouts would be awesome!)

Everybody have a great day!