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I have been contacted by the marketing director for Folsom Historic District ( with questions on how to promote my VoiceMap walking tour on their website. What are the options on doing this? They are also interested in selling the tours on their website. Can this be done? Any ideas out there? Thank you

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Thanks for asking this question @lynnmomboisse

Historic Folsom could simply link to your tour’s page on VoiceMap from their website. If they decide to go with the link route, then we can help them with a few SEO tips. You could also sell vouchers in bulk to them. You can purchase vouchers from us at $0.89 per voucher and resell them. The price per voucher decreases depending on how many you purchase. The tour can then be resold through Historic Folsom’s website using the vouchers. You can read a bit more about your options here: [ ]

We can also put together a poster or flyer for them to use. We’ve created a poster for David (who I’ll loop in below) for his tours in Derry.

Hi @djjdouglas, is there anything you could add/suggest that has worked for you?

I have a similar situation. I have one of the bigger hotels in the area that wants to promote and sell my walking tour on their website as additional menu item like a spa day. We are working out the details but the plan is to use the vouchers like Alicia said in her response. We are discussing making a marketing piece that their guest would receive with the voucher code to download the tour. But it’s really on their website designer to work out the details of making it work with their website. I’ll keep you posted.

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I will give you some of things that I have done/am doing, but because we in Derry/Londonderry have been largely back in lockdown since October with no tourists, it is difficult to evaluate how successful they have been or will be yet.

  1. I hope to sell coupons for my tours through the local Tourist Office. They will sell at the retail price of £4, take a commission and I can restock them at 0.89 per tour - probably will work on minimum batches of 20.
  2. I am talking to other attractions in the city about selling them too - ideally they would buy from me in bulk at say £2 per tour and they can sell at £4.
  3. I am also talking to hotels, some of which have indicated they would buy in bulk and then have them as a complimentary option for their business/premium customers.
  4. I have leaflets available for leaving at reception for hotels and museums too.
  5. I regularly promote my audio tours on my social media and prepared some videos for my YouTube channel to explain the FAQs about using the App etc.
    Until the hotels,attractions,tourist office re-open probably in mid April, it is difficult to assess the level of success but perhaps these are some ideas for you to try.
    Derrie Danders Walking and Audio Tours

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help in this matter

Yes please keep me posted on how you do this