QR codes at a tour's starting point

We recently published five tours with Visit Abu Dhabi and they’ve gotten off to a strong start, despite travel restrictions. One major reason for this is the placing of QR code signs at the starting point of each tour, allowing the listener to easily discover and download the tour. You can create your own publisher or tour QR code by clicking on the tour’s Distribution tab.

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This works if the creator is the tourism office, but if everyone starts sticking their QR codes everywhere…anyway, in cities that are organised, this would need permission or would be removed by the council. What is your take on this?

I’m not sure you need to stick the QR codes “everywhere” @cobbletales. The Abu Dhabi signs are only at the tour’s starting point, and so what you need to do – in any location – is choose the starting point carefully. This is why we encourage publishers to find somewhere that is excited about being at the start of their tour that wants to be a partner with them. They can then do things like:

  • Put up signs or table talkers with the QR code
  • Provide WiFi and in some cases even headphones
  • Sell the tour using vouchers
  • Receive a postcard from Google to verify the location, which gets them a listing on Google Maps

This is something we’d like to encourage with our interface eventually.