rating button issue/suggestion

Would it be possible to somehow allow users to change/undo/confirm the rating before it gets saved?
A friend of mine gave a very low rating to a tour she was planning to rate high, simply by accidentally clicking on the rating area while scrolling down on her phone screen. She contacted Support and they helped her to change it, but the tour’s average rating still looked pretty low until there was a next rating.
It also happened to me that scrolling down on the phone I gave an accidental rating. In my case it was 5 star, good for the author, but it is a bit annoying that the rating button “misfires” so easily.
There could be a confirmation question before it gets saved, like “You are now giving a 5-star rating. Proceed and save or cancel”
Who knows how many lower ratings that got registered until now were just accidental.

Thanks in advance for reading it!

Thanks for raising this @mori6_10! It’s useful feedback.

We do hear this from other users occasionally and it is something we need to fix, but it isn’t totally clear to us where this is happening. Were you using the website or the app? And could you describe the exact screen please? It sounds like a list of tours, not just a page or screen for one tour, because you say you were scrolling down – but I’m not actually sure where it’s possible to rate a tour when it is showing in a list.

I am not 100% sure for my friend, I think it was the app and the first (description) page of the tour, since she did not have any other tours on her account.
To me it happened on the web, once on the tour’s description page, once on the list of tours for the same city.
My understanding is (I might be completely wrong though) that once a tour is in your library (purchased) and you have not rated it yet, anytime the rating buttons of that tour are visible (list of tours in a specific city, your library, description page of the tour, your downloaded tours, etc), if you touch the rating area, you will immediately give a rating.
It happens mostly on the phone, since we touch somewhere in the middle to scroll down, but I checked on pc too, if I hover with the mouse above the rating area of a not yet rated tour in my library, the icon changes, so I could vote there as well.
(Since it is so easy to just press and give whatever rating, now I am quite afraid to ask anyone to get my tour and rate it after listening:D, even if they did like it, they might give 1-star or 2 by accident)
Thank you for looking into it @iain!

I couldn’t agree more! Every site/service is different and has their own unique way of maneuvering! If a guest/person isn’t paying strict ATTENTION…mistakes can be made and then…it’s OUT THERE.
Please look into…this is a salient point. And whether website or app it should be a seamless experience for the user.

Ahhhhh… That might explain why I have a 1 star rating when the majority are 5 and 4 … Be nice to get that one removed especially as the person who gave it has not responded to voicemap (?) as to what went wrong and why the one star… :frowning:

Thanks for clarifying @mori6_10, and for weighing in @toursinthefingerlake.

It isn’t really possible to rate tours accidentally in the app. You can only initiate the rating either at the end of the tour or from the Tour Detail screen, both of which are only showing a single tour. And you are asked to confirm your rating. Here’s a screenshot:

I do agree that it’s easy to make a mistake if you rate a tour on the website. And the ratings UI in general is something we haven’t improved for a long time. I’ve added it to our roadmap – and added my own vote to this post, which helps us measure what is most important to the community.

We’re busy with version 10 of the app at the moment, which has a number of significant improvements, but we’ll get to it after that update is released in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the feedback!

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