Recording your voice from your script. Any tips?


So I am at the point where my route is mapped and all location scripts are pretty much done. Of course the written and reading word seems to me to be very different to the written and spoken word. Even now I am making changes on the “fly”. Just a simple “I will” changed to “I’ll” helps delivery no?

Apart from the excellent help articles on voice recording here at VM, does anyone have any tips to help with this, one of the most important aspect of an audio guide?

For example, my script is in English but also needs Spanish in some pronunciation and the transition from one to the other in the same sentence I am finding quite challenging… Such as "Virgen de la Cabeza cave church "… half Spanish and half English…

I don’t like the sound of my own voice is another issue…

Best regards, Clive “in a tent” in the living room… :slight_smile:

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Hi Clive

You want to sound conversational and natural, like you’re chatting with a friend, not reading off a script. So you don’t need to worry about providing the perfect, mistake-free delivery. If you make a mistake, just start the sentence again and when we edit the audio, we’ll remove the mistakes and longer pauses between tricky sentences.

It’s best to record in a quiet environment, preferably in a room with soft surfaces like carpets and curtains. A great method, as you read in our documentation, is to set up a blanket tent with a blanket and two chairs. This does look silly but works as a great DIY recording booth – even famous actor Mark Ruffalo used this method when he had some audio to record during lockdown!

Make sure your voice recorder is set to the highest quality setting, and keep the microphone about 15-20 centimetres away from your mouth, and don’t talk straight at the mic - talk over or across it instead.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



I think I can offer some suggestions because I’ve been doing this for a long time. Can we setup a time to talk on Facebook Messenger or something? It would be faster than typing because there is a lot to this!

Annie (in France)

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Hi Clive: It looks like Alicia and Annie have this covered. All I can say is that I read over my script out loud a few times. I try to make this as conversational as possible. Like I am just speaking as I would to any of my friends. It did take some time to get comfortable with the process. And regarding not liking the way your voice sounds that is quite normal. We hear ourselves much different then the way others hear us. Good luck, I’m sure you will do very well. Lynn


Thanks for responding @annie.sargent and @lynnmomboisse!

Thanks everybody for the excellent tips!

Actually the voice recording went much, much better than I expected and my tour is now live and published here:

A huge thank you to Alicia who was a huge help during the creation process and to Gary the sound man who put all the voice and music together…

Best to all and travel safe! :slight_smile: