Selling tours through my own channels

After I finish creating my tour, can it only be sold through VoiceMap or can I sell the tours through my own website? And how does that work?

You can sell your tour through your own website using coupon codes. This is a code the user enters into the app to redeem a tour. We’d supply you with a list of codes in a spreadsheet. These codes can be valid for a single redemption or as many as you like, and we let you choose what you’d prefer. From an implementation standpoint, most people find it easier to use a single code or a handful of codes with credits assigned to them, and then “top up” the credits as they are used. You can monitor redemptions remaining on the codes on your dashboard. We sell the codes in minimum batches of 25 at $0.89 per code, and you can just let us know how you’d like them arranged and we’d send the codes along with an invoice. You can read a bit more about your options here: