Sharing tours

Hi guys, I just wanted to leave this here. In August I did two voicemap tours with my husband. I purchased tours in the app. I wish there was an option to insert a number of participants, because we always do it from one phone on a speaker. Just seems weird to both do our own thing while exploring the city we came to visit together. Another thing, voicemap does drain the phone of battery almost entirely, it would be bad if both our phones were dead after the tour in city we still need to navigate. And finally, one of us always forgets earphones.
And also, at least with us, normally it is just me who really really wants to do the tours, the other one is not bothered either way, so it is hard to make them download app, create account, let alone pay! ;D Not sure if people would be honest, but at least it could be facilitated.

I talk to many of my VoiceMap tour users and I tell them that not being able to share audio is a function of how cell phones work, not a bug in VoiceMap. I can’t ask my phone to play an audio book or a podcast to two eadsets either. I suggest using bluetooth earbuds and taking one each.

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Thanks Annie, I think sharing is not a problem - as you said you can just listen on bluetooth, or on speaker mode. My suggestion was more about collecting payment for the number of listeners.

By the way, how do you get to talk so much to your voicemap tour users?