Sorting Coupons

Could I ask if there are any plans to make the coupon administration any easier to use? It’s not a very user-friendly system if you have a variety of tours. You can sort the tours, but including the option JUST to show these tours would be a god send. I have 5 products and have to scan through 3000 coupons before I get to the right product.

I’d like to destroy some vouchers and use them for a different product, but this is only possible one by one. And once I do one, it sorts the pages again into different tour categories and starting all over again.

For multiple tour holders like me, it would be better to have a sort solution so that you can deal with one product at a time and have multiple functionalities.

Or, can I separate each tour as a separate account?


Thank you for this question @marnie. You’ve timed it perfectly! We’re actually redesigning the voucher dashboard right now — as in, one of the last things I worked on last week, before the start of the long weekend, was a version of the new interface for this from our designer. We’ll incorporate your comments, and the option to bulk delete isn’t something we’d included already, but it’s still going to be at least a few weeks before we go from the final design to a beta version, for testing, to a version on

In the meantime, a lot of what you’re describing can be done in Google Sheets, using the CSV. Would it help if we put together a guide to using Google Sheets to manage your voucher codes?

Here’s a preview of what the new voucher dashboard will look like @marnie: VoiceMap-Publisher-Settings-Issue-Vouchers-Table-Select|374x500

That’s great! And will we be able to add and pay the coupons on the website?

Yup, we’re building this too @cobbletales. Here’s a preview:

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Has any progress been made with rolling out this new dashboard for coupons yet ?
On a similar point, could any improvement be made on the reports section for downloads, as I find the information difficult to follow. When I was developing my tours, I did change prices a few times, so there are a number of rows showing zeros that are not needed, and it would be great if these could be removed so the reports downloads dashboard would read more clearly.

Thanks for the questions David. A redesign of the download report is included in the new interface, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before this is done. We’re still working through an overhaul of the Tour Editor. That should roll out in the next week or two. We’re also making some improvements for SEO because Google has recently changed how it ranks websites. After that we’ll get started on the new dashboard, with a cleaner UI for coupons and more legible download reports. In the meantime, I recommend sorting by what has and hasn’t been redeem and also downloading the CSV.