Third party sales stats

Hi all at VoiceMap.

In the sales report area on the dashboard I can see “third party sales” which I presume is Viator and GYG etc… Is there a way to see which third party is making the sales in one of the columns rather than just the sales price in the first? it would be good to know the performance of each one.

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Thanks for this question Clive. This isn’t simple I’m afraid because we use vouchers of the same type for both Viator and GetYourGuide. Can I ask what you’d do differently if you knew a sale was from one instead of the other? This would help us to think about how we might make this distinction at some point in the future.

Hi Ian, thanks for your reply.

Its related to my broader question of stats (which I know is complicated) but right now I can’t tell what article or link is driving traffic to voicemap such as my dedicated article (or other relevant articles) at Ronda Today or third party websites such as GYG, Viator etc.

With this information I can then analyse the best and worst performing articles and tweak them accordingly to improve traffic to voicemap and hopefully increase sales.

The third parties like GYG are pretty much out of my control but it would be good to see who is performing the best. Then I can plug them to other bloggers so that they can make sales through their own affiliate systems… (If they send their readers direct to voicemap they don’t make any money on sales)

So an affiliate with voicemap would be good as well! (heheheheheh)

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That makes sense Clive, thanks. We’re going to be building an affiliate scheme in the next six to nine months. I’m actually sitting with our developers right now working this out.

We do provide monthly web reports to publishers on the Pro and Premium plans. It needs to be done manually, unfortunately, and as a result we can’t provide one to all our publishers, but we are looking at how we can make services like this more modular.

Is there a platform you use that shares the kind of data you are looking for, breaking down traffic sources to one slice of their website? I’d love to see an example.

Hi, I wouldn’t want you to do any extra manual raking of stats, I am sure you have enough to do! :slight_smile:

The affiliate sounds great… Something I could offer people blogging in my niche and cutting out the middle man of GYG etc.

To be honest the only real time and live stats that I am talking about I have is using Google Site Kit on all my worpress sites which is of course connected to search console and analytics.

However, at TravelPayouts. OMIO and Booking I can add a marker to created links in their respective dashboards so when a sale is made I know what article it came from. If an article starts to perform well but is only lower down search results I then tweak it till its gets to the top of google. This has worked particularily well with TravelPayouts. I have sold almost 60,000 euros of tickets in one year from one article from my Caminito del Rey website using this method Up from 12,000 the year before. (Obviously my takings on that are the standard percentage the GYG pay to affiliates). Also, I tweak under performing articles to try to improve their search results increasing sales further.

Hope that makes sense!

Have a great day. :slight_smile:

Hi again.

I just noticed that a very large website for Andalucia has picked up the Viator link for the Ronda Audio Guide. This is what I meant by other people selling the guide from their sites, blogs and social media. It would be good to know how much traffic and sales sites like this drive to Voicemap. They have created a dedicated article…

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This we definitely can’t tell you @clive. Viator doesn’t share web traffic web data with us, or where purchases have come from, which means there is no way we could segment sales to show how effective an article like this has been.

We’re going to start looking seriously at the affiliate scheme soon. When we do, I’ll get in touch. I’d love to see how you use GYG.

You can see how I deployed GYG here:

It did so well from the first links that Travel Payouts ran an interview with me on their blog here: Just a moment... I am guessing that is a pretty good backlink as well so promoting the site pages even more from a google point of view.

Have a great day and best wishes to you and your team!

Hi again. Heres an example of stats that are really usefull that I get on my Travelpayouts dashboard. This is a sale from GYG… You can see that the info is really useful. I can see what page sent the customer to purchase. In this case an article about flamenco produced a visit to an olive oil tasting session… :slight_smile: The date of the booking and when it will be completed are also really usefull. (Though I know thats not applicable to voicemap)

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