Translated Storyteller profiles

A huge strength of VoiceMap is to make the same walks available both to born & raised Parisians who speak French and to recent visitors who only speak English (as well as to tourists from places like Montréal or Kinshasa who can discover Paris while still using their native language).

However, even if the VoiceMap website is available in several language, the Storyteller bio remains in English, which has proven problematic for some of my French users who didn’t understand who would be speaking to them.

I have worked around this by providing both languages in the bio text box, one after the other, but a feature to automatically display the bio in the same language as the rest of the site or app would be fantastic, thank you so much!

Hi there! I too have my tour in three languages. English, Spanish and German. I agree your idea would be great if it was implemented as my bio is really long in the three langauges.
Have a great day!

This makes sense @ComtedeSaintGermain and @clive. The tricky thing is that VoiceMap right now isn’t truly multilingual, i.e. we don’t have things set up so that the English and French versions of the same tour are linked – and the same goes for publisher profiles. We’ll get it done, but I can’t say when because it’s a substantial chunk of work.

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