Will audio tours not take away business from my in person tours?

I’m worried my audio tours will take away business from my in-person guiding. How do you address this?

We don’t believe that audio tours stop anyone from doing an in-person tour. Those who want to take a tour in person will always do so, audio tour or not. Audio tours allow some of the more independent-minded persons to explore at their own will and pace. Secondly, you’re only one person and cannot split yourself in two (at least I hope not!) so you’ll always be bound by the amount of tours you can give physically. Audio tours allow you the ability to duplicate yourself when necessary. Thirdly, audio tours allow a degree of flexibility and impulsiveness that booking and organizing an in-person tour in advance does not allow. We see it as a passive income stream. Once created, it will continue to generate sales for you, with no extra effort.