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How do you encourage ratings and reviews? My request for reviews at the end of the recording, or the Voicemap app prompt gets very very few reviews, lucky if there is a rating.
Since we don’t know when the tours are actually taken, even the follow up email strategy would not work for website sales, so not sure if there is anything else I can do?

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I have the same problem.
Customers tell me they now have to search to a different section of App (the About Section?) to leave a review or rating.
In earlier versions of the App it seemed to be easier to do as those options came up automatically at the end of the tour.

It’s great to hear you’re both asking for ratings and reviews – and thinking about how you can get more. It’s a useful prompt for me to spend more time looking at this.

The user interface for this hasn’t actually changed @djjdouglas. We ask for ratings when users end a tour manually, before the tour is actually finished, and also when they do reach the end and the audio plays to completion. The former just asks for a quick rating in case they’re frustrated and giving up the tour, because we obviously want to know why, and then at the end there’s a more detailed prompt with an audio message from me asking them to rate the tour, share it with friends, and review the app.

It looks like this:

I do wonder if there’s a distinction between the rate at which you can expect reviews for a guided tour, which I guess you’re both comparing this to, and the rate for a self-guided tour. In one case you obviously meet somebody and interact with them in person. In the other, you might expect something more like Youtube, where a video is apparently doing well if it gets 5 comments and 4 likes per 1,000 views!

I suspect that some tours get a lot more ratings than others. I haven’t looked at the data so I’m not sure. I’ll need to do that. If there’s a wide gap, I’ll see if I can figure out why. And there definitely is more we can do to encourage ratings and reviews, including automated emails after users complete a tour. We’d particularly like to use this to get more reviews on Tripadvisor. You can expect improvements to this in summer this year.

Hi Iain,
The feedback I had received from friends testing the French tour was that they missed the first options to leave a view or rating and then found it difficult to go back and find the right screen.Perhaps there is a language issue here ?
Yes I would definitely suggest the automated e-mails approach for sales through Viator/Trip Advisor. My real tours through Airbnb Experiences get an almost 100% review as they send an e-mail 15 mins after the tour ends.
When Trip Advisor did the same, it got a high response too but now that they have stopped doing this, response is only about 20%.
The easier we can make it for people to rate and comment, the greater the response will be.
David - Derrie Danders

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My friends who tested also had the same experience, oops missed it and then don’t know how to find it, so I had to personally show them where to rate and comment.
could the app send a notification out a few minutes after the tour ends? I think this would be easier than email for the user but not sure regarding permissions.
I of course understand that the level of connection is not the same as with live guides, but personally, when I tested other voicemaps and liked the content and voice, I felt eager to leave a comment (maybe because I identify with the creators)

Anyway, good to know it is on your radar, curious to know what your research will bring up.

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